M.O.L.L.E. System
which permit the hanging of all type of accessories like all type of magazine holder, bombs older, holsters, etc.
Made for tactical heavy uses, modular design.

Basic protection NIJSTD 0101.03 LEVEL IIIA (9 mm/44 mag. 426 metres/second)

Average weight: Kg 3.800. Ballistic protection about Cmq 4.016.

Ballistic material used: GOLD FLEX

Usable range of temperature: – 20 + 60 Grades Centigrade.

Equipped with front+back pockets ready to contain ballistic plates 250 x 300 mm. level IV weight 3.300 Kg. each.

Total weight of the IIIA jacket:+ No2 plates Level IV: about 10.40 Kg.

The jacket design is both tactical and compact, it offers ballistic protection on the entire surface with doubled up extension on the sides regions of the body , flexible and soft, permits to be tight fit to the user body, guarantying protection to upper torso: chest, back and sides.

Easy and fast to wear, permit all normal movements, to assume all normal positions and to drive easily vehicles, to pilot aircrafts and boats, permitting the embarking and disembarking.

Permit the easy use of all weapon both long and short barrel, the use of tools, utensils and instruments. It is also usable in NBC operations, air launched, amphibious and under water.