Materiale per giubbotti antiproiettile soffici

Honeywell’s patended Shield technology with aramid fiber. Gold Flexis a roll product consisting of four plies of unidirectional aramid fiber tapes cross-plied at 0°/90°,0°/90° and sandwiched with a thermoplastic film.

Product characteristics:

  • Excellent protection against steeljacketed rounds
  • Engineered for added flexibility and comfort
  • Excellent stopping power with multi-hit and angle shot benefits
  • Substantial reduction of blunt trauma the injury caused by an impacting bullet


  • Concealable and tactical body armor for police, military and VIPs
Characteristic Value
ROLL WEIGHT pounds 100 / kilograms 45.4
WIDTH inches 63.0 ± 0.5 / meters 1.60 ± 0.013 / testing method ASTM D3774-89
LENGTH (target) yards 136 / meters 125
THICKNESS inches 0.012 ± 0.003 / millimeters 0.30 ± 0.08 / testing method ASTM D1777-64
AREAL DENSITY oz/yd2 6.84 ± 0.41 / g/m2 232 ± 14 / testing method ASTM D3776-85


Twaron means comfortable body protection:
Vests Until recently, effective body protection was an uncomfortable compromise between ballistic protection and restricted freedom of movement. The need for such a compromise was swept away when a new generation of fibers was developed at Teijin Twaron.

Twaron CT Microfilament is a highly resistant aramid fiber made from 1000 individual filaments with an extremely fine filament diameter. This means up to 50% more filaments than in traditional aramid yarns. The use of Twaron CT Microfilament in bullet resistant vests – patented by Teijin Twaron – makes protective clothing lighter, more flexible, and easier to wear. In short, the most efficient protection system on the market today.

The primary task of the protective material is to absorb ballistic energy in the shortest possible time. This is achieved through Twaron’s high energy absorption, high tenacity, and high modulus of elasticity, which permits rapid dispersion of the deformation waves. Synergistic effects also result from the huge number of individual filaments.

Bullet resistant, lightweight, and comfortable body armor made from Twaron is used throughout the world today by the police (protection against direct fire) and by military personnel (mainly as protection against fragments caused by explosives). Teijin Twaron’s extensive research programs and continuous product development ensure that only the very best goes into our products. Fiber development is being pursued as energetically as ever.